The Blackout Pocket

Ever feel like The Man is creeping on your cell phone? These days, it seems like it’s more than just a fleeting chance. The people over at Scottevest have come up with a pretty good solution: a pocket-sized Faraday cage.

If this thing is really a Faraday cage, sticking your cell phone into it would cause it to loose contact with all signals. No 4G, no 3G, no GPS, not even Wi-Fi. Your phone would be 100% not reachable by anyone, friend friend or foe.

And it doesn’t just work on your cell phone, either. Stick your credit card in one, and no one will be able to skim your information using the RFID.

There has been some concern that this thing might not work, but if it really is a Faraday cage, then it works. I would have no reason to believe that it isn’t a true Faraday cage, as they are neither expensive or difficult to make.

Christmas Decoration Photos

Got a little happy with the camera this afternoon. Merry Christmas.