My Tweets in the Library of Congress

Yep, you heard me correct: My tweets are going to be in the Library of Congress. Actually, your tweets will be in there too, as well as every other public tweet sent since the beginning of Twitter-Time.

The Library of Congress and Twitter have made an agreement that they will all be put into the library’s repository of historical documents.

“Why,” you might ask? According to the original story on the Federal News Radio website:

“There have been studies involved with what are the moods of the public at various times of the day in reaction to certain kinds of news events,” [Bill] Lefurgy [digital initiatives program manager at the library’s national digital information infrastructure and preservation program] said. “There’s all these interesting kinds of mixing and matching that can be done using the tweets as a big set of data.”

Remember that time you tweeted about how much you hate your job? How about the time that you drunk-tweeted from the bar’s restroom? And who could forget the time you just tweeted “FML” every day for a week?

Yep, there all going to be in there. Now the Library of Congress will finally be complete.